Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscribers (Infographic)
Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscribers (Infographic)
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Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscribers (Infographic)

Internet usage in Pakistan is increasing steadily. With approximately 29.1 million Internet users in Pakistan along with penetration rate of 15% of the total population; prospects for businesses & entrepreneurs alike are somewhat bright indeed. Ironically or should say unfortunately, Pakistan is among those few countries in the world still deprived of next gen mobile communication technologies like 3G/4G. The world is already marching towards 5G but still there are no footprints of even 3G in Pakistan. This leaves to a handful of high speed Internet access technologies in Pakistan. And broadband is indeed one of them. Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscribers statistics highlight that its indeed one of the major Internet access technology in Pakistan.

But which broadband technology in Pakistan is the most popular one in Pakistan? DSL, WiMAX, HFC, FTTH, EV-DO?Which is seeing surge or decline in demand currently? And how many Pakistan broadband Internet Subscribers are there respectively? Keeping in view these questions, we’ve crafted an insightful and visually appealing infographic. Its based on recent reports from PTA. And it answers all of the questions related to Pakistan Broadband Internet subscribers. And as towntawks is orchestrating to bring products in our nearby shops online, so we feel proud to be among those catalyzing the Internet usage in Pakistan as well ;)

Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscribers (Infographic):

Sourced from the recent reports of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), this infographic highlights the breakdown analysis of Pakistan Broadband Internet subscribers against each broadband technology:

Pakistan broadband Internet subscribers infographic

So its obvious from the above mentioned infographic about Broadband Internet in Pakistan:

  • EV-DO is the leading broadband Internet in Pakistan followed by DSL and so forth. Which highlights a subtle fact that Broadband users of Pakistan are going excessively mobile too over laptops & tablets. Thats why they are preferring EV-DO (or EVO) over wired DSL Connection.
  • Though there are couple of WiMAX operators in Pakistan pioneered by Wateen once; but the subscriber base of WiMAX broadband Internet in Pakistan is significantly less. It was also rumored a year ago that Wateen was shutting down its WiMAX department.
  • At the start of 2000, Cable Internet (HFC) saw a  strong boost in its proliferation in Pakistan’s Internet market. But this latest report from PTA about Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscribers highlights that its critical-mass is almost negligible.

Which Broadband Pakistan Technology is experiencing Growth or Decline?

Another set of insights & statistics about Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscriber base that one can infer from PTA’s detailed report is:

  • Pakistan Broadband Internet Subscribers have increased from 2.79 million in July 2013 to 2.89 million currently
  • The subscriber base of the following broadband Internet Pakistan technologies has increased from previous months:
    • EV-DO
    • DSL
    • HFC
    • FTTH
  • In the case of WiMAX particularly, the subscriber base went down. Highlighting yet another insight about the trend of Broadband Users of Pakistan.

So what do you think about these statistics about Pakistan Broadband Internet subscriber base? Do you think that WiMAX will recover from its current decline?


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