Rethink Businesses: 75 Customer Experience Statistics
Rethink Businesses: 75 Customer Experience Statistics
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Rethink Businesses: 75 Customer Experience Statistics

This is the age of Customer Experience. As Brian Solis, one of our favorite business philosopher, said that in this age, Experiences are more important than products. A lot of literature has been crafted on Customer Experience statistics. But the best way to signify the importance is by quoting our own recent story to second them:

Real Life Story – Customer Experience:

A few weeks ago in the blessed month of Ramadan, towntawks founders ventured to have a felicitous aftari. And after a random selective process, we happened to decide to go to Al Khan Restaurant near Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore with the fantasized illusions to have a mouth-watering cuisine (Alas!) Now here is a cameo of  our “Customer Experience” there:

1. Their waiters were quite free to linger around but were too busy to pay any heed to the customers clatter and requests.

2. Everyone knows the type of summers we have in Pakistan. And that restaurant had a seemingly functional Split Air Conditioner in the hall there too. But it seemed that it was merely meant to be a decoration piece for them; for incomprehensible reasons, they didn’t turn that ON; leaving customers there to suffocate at the mercy of hot and moist weather.

3. The way their fans were placed was sheerly ridiculous. Those fans were doing a great job to throw air all around except the poor customers who had committed the mistake to come to their restaurant. And here is the best part: the fans could be moved a bit downward towards us and even upon requests multiple times, they didn’t bother.

Rethink your Business Commandments: Customer Experience Statistics, Facts & Quotes:

Hooked by that experience, we came across a very insightful presentation about Customer Experience statistics, facts & quotes. And we just couldn’t resist sharing this with you. So if you own a business (brick & mortar shop/restaurant/services or even a blog); these Customer Experience statistics and quotes can potentially change the way you think about business. For better. Remember, Customers always have more choices than you. If you fail to value them up, they will exhibit their one of the best characteristics: ignoring you and fleeing to your competitors. Choice is yours! Now enough tawking and time to reflect on the following customer experience statistics and quotes:

Customer Experience: the WHY for Businesses?

These Customer Experience statistics & quotes prove that its vital for customer retention. For streamlining customer up-selling. For gaining customers’ recommendation and triggering positive word of mouth. For strengthening customer loyalty loop. Want a real-life proof? customer-experience-statistics-memeHere it is: That restaurant has now lost 5 of the true-food-loving customers (i.e. us) who love to dine out atleast twice a month. And here is the best part: these 5 customers will spread the word of mouth (both in physical and online social world as we are doing now too! ). Thanks to the ever growing influence of Peer Recommendation since prehistoric era, the peers in our social sphere will also develop an utterly wrong brand perception about that restaurant. Making their chances to visit that Restaurant reduced to zero (if not negative). Thats the impact of Customer Experience in today’s businesses.

Its the story that relates to almost everyone of us. Almost on daily basis. Whenever we interact with any business, we, consciously or unconsciously, are receptive to some sort of Customer Experience. And this customer Experience leads to our perception about that brand which ultimately affects our purchasing decisions e.g. Whenever you call a business (e.g. ISPs, Cellular Service Providers or even Retailers), whenever you physically visit a business location (Banks, Retailers, Service Centers etc), whenever you try to resort to customer support via email, ticketing system; all of these touch points are directly or indirectly imparting indelible imprints of positive or negative Experience on your customers. The way you treat your customers, the way your prioritize them, the way you make them FEEL… All of them contributes intangibly in cementing an image of your brand in your customer mindset. So be sure its good. Be sure its memorable in positive terms.

We really assume that you would’ve confessed, like us, that Customer Experience is the next corporate battlefield to conquer. So what are the best Customer Experience statistics, quotes and facts in this presentation? And how important is Customer Experience in your business & marketing strategy? Do you have more customer experience statistics to prove its importance? Would love to know more about that in your endeared comments below :)

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  1. یونس خان
    السلام علیکم
    بک لیٹ بڑی خوبصورتی سے ڈیزائن کی گئی ھے اور میں اس کی پریزینٹیشن پر نہال ہو رہا تھا کہ پتا چلا کہ یہ سلائیڈ شیئر کا کمال ھے
    Commandments: Customer Experience Statistics, Facts & Quotes
    تو اپنی جگہ خوبصورت ہیں اور اس کی پیشکش اس سے بھی زیادہ خوب صورت۔
    ایک تجربہ شئیر کرنا چاہوں گا
    یہاں سرگودھا میں ایک نئی پیزا شاپ کا اغاز ہوا ھے 26 رمضان کو عین افطاری کے وقت ان کی سیلز ٹیم نے میرے گھر پر دستک دی تھوڑی سی گفتگو کے بعد میں ان کا کارڈ خرید کر ممبر بن گیا۔ پہلی ڈیل میں نے کوئی 2 روز افطاری کے وقت منگوائی ان کا نمائندہ عین افطاری سے 5 منٹ پہلے وہ ڈیل سرو کر کے چلا گیا۔ میں ان کی پراڈکٹ سے کوئی زیادہ خوش نہیں تھا۔ بیٹے نے کوئی 2 گھنٹے بعد اسے چکھا تو اس کا خیال تھا کہ زنگر برگر میں زنگر جلا ہوا ھے جس کی اس نے فورا شکایت نوٹ کروا دی اور ٹھیک 20 منٹ بعد ان کا نمائندہ چلا ایا اس نے پراڈکٹ چیک کی زنگر واقعی چلا ہوا تھا اس نے فورا اس کے بدلے میں ایک نیا برگر دیا اور چلا گیا۔
    ان کی اس کوئیک رسپانس نے مجھے کافی حیران کیا میں ان کی سروس سے کافی خوش ہوا اب اگر ان کی نیک نامی میں اضافہ نہ بھی ہوا ہو میں سمجھتا ہوں ان کی بدنامی میں اضافہ نہیں ہوا۔
      1. Brad Patterson @ Kwaga
        Great post/stats. Thanks for sharing.

        I personally liked the 80% of companies think they deliver “superior” customer service, whereas as 8% of customers think they receive it from these same companies. Wow.

        1. Town Tawks
          Agree. Customer Service is something current businesses should focus on priority basis. because the cost in this is relatively much lesser than outbound advertisement and advantages are manifold :)
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